Lanikai Beach Family Portraits | A Mini Photo Session

Living the Dream

Do you know that dream job that allows you to work from anywhere? Complete freedom to move about the world and continue getting paid. It’s always been a sort of fantasy of mine. You could spend a couple of months gawking at glaciers in Patagonia. When you tire of the cold, head to Indonesia to bask in the color and vibrant culture. Maybe hop over to Europe to visit family, followed by an epic trip to Iceland and a road trip to National Parks along the west coast. And then repeat with different countries and different adventures. So many possibilities and all you would need is an internet connection.

About the Mini Portrait Session

I’m not sure what kind of job allows you this freedom. You could be a writer, a travel blogger, and then, what? Something in computers I guess. That’s the freedom this family enjoyed. I may have been a bit jealous. They could travel anywhere and often did. Since having a baby, their travel plans slowed a bit, but they were still enjoying their work freedom. At the time, they were relaxing in Hawaii for a a month or so from their home base in Australia.

During their stay, they fell in love with the deep blues and powder white sand at Lanikai Beach. Again, and again they were pulled back to bask in the sunshine on this baby-friendly beach. It was the perfect spot for a family portrait session, so we scheduled a mini session at sunrise. It was just a snapshot in time with their favorite people on their favorite beach.

family walking on lanikai beach at sunrise for a family portrait session in hawaii
mom snuggles baby during a family photo shoot in lanikai beach oahu
dad and daughter sharing a laugh during a family portrait session in oahu
family playing with a baby during a family photo session in hawaii
baby crawling on lanikai beach
mom and baby portraits and lanikai beach at sunrise
dad hugging baby during family beach photo session in hawaii
couple hugging at lanikai beach in hawaii
reef at lanikai beach with family in the background during a family portrait session
baby crawling on lanikai beach with reflections
mom and baby playing on the beach in hawaii at lanikai beach
Lanikai Beach Family Portraits taken in the water

Are You Planning a Family Trip to Hawaii?

Why not make the most of your island time and scheduled a fun photo session? We can plan something fun. Maybe visit a secret location you didn’t know about so you can take home beautiful memories. Find out about my fun family photos and films here.

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