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Indonesia. I have loved you long before I first stepped on your shores. It was about 20 years ago when I first read David Quammen‘s The Song of the Dodo. He introduced me to island biogeography with it’s giant lizards paired with miniature elephants and I immediately fell in love with islands. I remember reading about his trip to Komodo National Park to watch the giant Komodo dragons feed and it felt so impossibly far away. Until now. I stumbled upon some cheap tickets to Bali and I wondered, could we do this as a family? Was it crazy to bring our children to an island with deadly dragons and only a guide with a Y-shaped stick to keep us safe? How would they fare on a 3 day boat trip in the middle of nowhere? Could we convince them to hike at 3am or go river rafting? Would they be miserable? Would we be miserable?

In the end, it was our most amazing family trip yet. In fact, it’s taken months to share this post because these photos don’t do justice to our experience. Micah is a solid traveler and threw himself into every adventure. He loved it so much that he’s planning to move to Indonesia as soon as he’s old enough. Mila is more of a home body. We had to push her (way) outside of her comfort zone often, but she had “the best time of her life”.

Some highlights.
  • Hiking in the land of deadly komodo dragons.
  • Snorkeling with sea stars, soft corals, giant clams, a poisonous sea snake, and an endless parade of fish.
  • Hiking up a a volcano at 3am to take in the sunrise.
  • A vibrant culture and the friendliest people.
  • Forests full of monkeys.
  • Epic waterfalls all to yourself.
  • Flying foxes leaving their roost at sunset.
  • Hot springs and massages.
  • Amazing food and coffee.
  • Jaw-dropping scenery at every turn.
  • Snuggling with elephants.
  • The kids first river rafting experience.
  • A pirate camp.
  • Decadent digs complete with private pool.

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