Chasing waterfalls

Hiking with kids. The constant prodding and cajoling to get them to keep moving forward can sap the fun from any hiking adventure. Sure, there were some tricks that helped – geocaching, bringing friends, adding chocolate to the trail mix – but it was still hit or miss. And then one day, they were outpacing us; scrambling over rocks and ledges with the swiftness of jungle cats. I couldn’t seem to keep up let alone take any pictures. Micah shimmied up a water fall before I could decide how I felt about it. He jumped into tiny pools of stream water from narrow ledges making my stomach cramp with fear. Maybe I want them to slow down. Just a bit?


Want to peek into another photographer’s life? This post is part of a series where a group of photographers document their lives. You can follow the blog circle with Tricia Bovey Photography in Virgina.

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