A Kailua Beach evening | best beach for families in Oahu

An evening with my duo. We stopped at Jack in the Box to squeeze in an hour of beach time (priorities, right?). Well, it was supposed to be an hour running down the sand hill at Kailua Beach Park, but as usual, they ended up in the water. One of these days i’ll remember to pack emergency swimsuits in the car.

best beach for families in oahuKailua_Beach_photographer_0193

She started out complaining it was too cold


Hugging trees made her warmer.


Random acts of super-heroism were performed. Spontaneous hugs occurred.

Kailua_Beach_photographer_0195Kailua_Beach_photographer_0196Kailua_Beach_photographer_0197Venturing further and further into the water.


Nothing better than a good sand ball. Take that ocean.


And the pants are off…


She ended up pulling a full monty in the moonlight and we called it day.

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