Waimea Valley waterfall hike for families


March isn’t my favorite month on Oahu. There’s a little more rain, a little more gloom and it’s pretty much sock weather all month long, but there are whales! We booked a whale-watching trip on Groupon to go see some of those whales up close, but it was cancelled due to nasty weather. Come on March! We had our hearts set on a bit of adventure, but what to do? It was pouring in the mountains and howling at the beaches. On a whim we decided on Waimea Valley.

With the exception of photographing a wedding by the entrance, we never visited the valley in our 13  years on island. Paying a hefty sum for a paved stroll wasn’t all that appealing. I’m not sure it was worth the price ($10 for adults, $6 for kids with kamaaina discount), but on this particular day doing something new made us happy.

In a nutshell, the valley has a lovely, diverse collection of plants and is super accessible. They even have trams to take you back and forth to the waterfall, so it’s ideal for anyone who needs wheels or just likes wheels. Plantings are grouped by region, use, or family and there is traditional Hawaiian living site under towering monkeypods. That was my favorite section. Most plants are labeled, but otherwise information is limited unless you invest in their self-guided audio tour.

Mila walked for about a minute, but Micah happily skipped along searching for birds and investigating all the cool seeds and flowers. If we were to return, I would try for a Thursday when they have a farmer’s market or on the third Sunday of the month when they have a further discounted admission for Kamaaina and military families.

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