Kid-Friendly Activities in Honolulu | Escaping the Crowds in Waikiki

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Having a car in Waikiki is a huge hassle, so many visitors opt to stay in Waikiki without wheels. Sure, Waikiki can be fun but sometimes you just need a nature fix. A long walk or a short trolley ride outside of Waikiki will take you to Diamond Head Beach Park.

Check out the surf from the viewpoints above. It was our favorite surf spot when we still lived in town. and still surfed. Poor surfboard sitting in the closet. It’s just not right. Once you’ve soaked up the sites, follow the paved pathway to the beach and head right to get to the tidepools.

You will be rewarded with cool rock formations, views of Diamond Head lighthouse, surf, and if you time it right, a nice sunset. In terms of animal life, you’ll find the typical fare – sea cucumbers, opihi, snails, and crabs. My kids can never get enough tide pooling. Ever. They would be perfectly content with a hermit crab and a puddle of water.

As is the way with tidepools, they’re best at low tide. So do yourself a favor and escape Waikiki. Breathe in some fresh air, let the kids roam, and feel isolated from the noise and chaos of Honolulu. If you’re not lame like me, you’ll bring your surfboard along and catch a couple waves while the kids explore.

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