Swim with the fishes, a day at the Waikiki Aquarium

A Great Option in any Weather

Super hot day? Head to the Waikiki aquarium. Super rainy day? Head to the aquarium. Fabulously beautiful day? Get outside and enjoy it. Can’t lose really.

We save the aquarium for back-ups – as in when it’s even raining in Waikiki. I always assume it’s sunny in town, but occasionally I’m surprised by rain and we head to the aquarium (or the Discovery Center).

A Short but Sweet Visit

The aquarium has a cozy charm … or it’s just small depending on if you’re an optimist or not. It takes about an hour to zip through and by then the kids are usually ready for a snack. All the good stuff you would expect is in there – jellyfish, octopus, sharks, Hawaiian reef fish, anemones, giant clams, starfish, frogfish, sea horses and more. At the end you emerge into the blinding brightness of the outside world to get a closeup of a Hawaiian reef and touch some hermit crabs and sea urchins. There are also a couple monk seals and a revolving fish exhibit.

If you do happen to visit on a sunny day, there is a big grassy area for a little picnic afterwards. Your only challenge is to make it to the exit without getting sucked into the gift shop.  Challenge extended.

Waikiki aquarium
Waikiki aquarium
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Kids activities on Oahu

Looking for more activities in Waikiki?

Visit the adjacent Queen’s Surf Beach, hang out in Kapiolani Park or put on shoes and hike up Diamond Head. Check the Keiki Monday archives for more activities in Oahu for kids.


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