Diamond Head hike, worth a trip?

About a million years ago I used to be a nature tour guide. The Diamond Head hike was one of our more popular tours, so I made regular treks up the mountain at 7 and 9am. After I quit (there was an incident involving a large van, a really small parking garage and a manic boss), I felt no need to return. Until last week that is, when my husband decided we must hike Diamond Head one more time.

Some things were the same. The sweltering heat, the many, many stairs, the regulars trying to run through the crowds, the narrow tunnel (hello claustrophobia), the tourists wearing heels, the massive crowds, and of course, the stunning views.

A couple things were different. There is a new, easy route once you get past the tunnel and there is now a $5 fee / car and $1 / walk-in under 4 years of age. Kinda steep and no love for the kama’aina in terms of discounts. They also only take cash and we had none of the green stuff, so our first attempt was a fail.

For our second attempt we tried to get there earlier than 9am, which is the most crowded time of day to hike. We arrived promptly at 9am. Oh well. At least we had cash this time.

Our oldest thought it was a fun adventure once we got going. The stairs, tunnel, and bunkers were all winners. The little one tolerated most of it and then fell asleep. That approach works too. I thoroughly enjoyed people watching and the views. You just can’t those views anywhere else. Maybe not my favorite hike, but you should do it at least once.

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