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The Tour Guide

When I was young(er) and full of energy I was a tour guide for Oahu Nature Tours. Being a tour guide sounds like a fun job. In reality, navigating a bulky tour bus in hectic Waikiki traffic while talking over a headset was a bit more than I could handle. During the circle island tour we would drive past the Macadamia Nut Farm Outlet. During my training I was given a secret tip. I was told that if I stopped there with my group, the farm would pay me $10. Bring customers, receive a kick back.

Really, it’s not a bad deal. I got paid to sample coffee and macadamia nuts, but my people loved it too. Afterall, a clean bathroom and free samples is a combination few can resist. With the non-stop stream of tour buses, I assume the mac nut farm is doing well. Brilliant. The mac nut farm will forever hold a special place in my heart.

For the Love of Macadamia Nuts

More recently I discovered something better than the free coffee and mac nut samples. If you walk out the back of the store you will find a big basket of macadamia nuts in the shell. You’re encouraged to crack your own by placing them in a small dimple in one of the tree stumps and smashing them (gently) with a rock. The kids could do it all day. Combine it with a stop at Kualoa Beach Park and you’ve got yourself a good afternoon.

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