Horseback Riding Oahu | Family Adventure at Gunstock Ranch

Too Much Paradise?

It feels wrong to complain when a beautiful beach is within walking distance from home. The beach has been a source of much joy, but our family is getting a bit stir crazy. With everyone at home in cramped quarters, the noise becomes overbearing. The sound of piano, movies, and video chatting with friends competes with the incessant buzz of traffic, leaf blowers, and construction.

I catch myself daydreaming of mountains and open spaces. Even though we live on a tiny, crowded island there are still places that feel far away. Gunstock Ranch is one of those places.

We took advantage of the Gunstock Ranch kamaaina deals and set out for a sunset horseback riding tour. The kids both spent a week at horse camp this summer and are smitten with horses. Without summer camp at the YMCA this year, no travel, and limited interactions with friends planning special days like this have kept up their spirits.

gunstock ranch kamaaina deals

An Evening at the Ranch

We arrived a little early to spend time at the free petting zoo. The kids had been cranky and bickering all day, but animals make everything better and they immediately began naming each of the goats and sheep in the pen. One lamb, christened “Cow” was especially cuddly and Mila made plans to sneak her into the car to take home.

As our departure time drew nearer, the kids wriggled with excitement and introduced themselves to their trail horses. Finally, it was time and they mounted with glee. With straight backs and impeccable posture, they rode over the hills with an intense mixture of concentration and delight. As we wove through tree-lined trails past long-horned cows and wild pigs, they talked incessantly to our very patient and kind trail guide. At the summit, we took in the big views and cool breezes before making our way back. An hour and a half on horseback was enough to make our legs wobbly and satisfy our need to be far away.

petting a lamb at the gunstock ranch petting zoo
enjoying the petting zoo at gunstock ranch
a ram at the petting zoo at gunstock ranch in oahu
horses saddled at the gunstock ranch for their sunset trail ride
boy petting a horse before horseback riding lesson at gunstock ranch
girl petting a lamb at the gunstock petting zoo oahu
horse peeks out from the watering hole sign before horseback ride on the north shore
begging of the trail ride
horses set off for a sunset horseback ride on the north shore of oahu
boy riding western style at gunstock ranch
a group heads out for a horseback trail ride at gunstock ranch oahu
horse pasture in oahu
longhorn bull watches horseback trail ride pass in hawaii
view along the horseback trail ride in oahu hawaii
fun family activities on oahu
longhorn bulls in a clearing
stormy sky over gunstock ranch in oahu
family horseback trail ride oahu hawaii

Looking for More Ideas for Family Fun on Oahu?

If you’re looking for more places where you can feel far away and enjoy solitude, head to Makua Beach on the Leeward Coast or grab a kayak and play in the middle of Kaneohe Bay. For more tips on Oahu family fun, sign up for the Little Bird Post below.


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