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Beach Deprivation

The kids were begging to go to the beach over the weekend. It had been almost a week since our last beach visit after all – poor tortured creatures. They were super grumpy, so we managed to fit in a glorious hour at our beach. Well, ours in the sense that it’s closest to our house and we spend a lot of time there. Plus, I can relate to its mood swings. On its bad days, it’s riddled with limu and man-o-wars or there are gale-force winds and most of the sand has been washed away. But on its good days … well … then it’s one of the best beaches in Oahu for kids. When the tide is low, there’s a long expanse of shallow water for the kids to play in and it’s simply beautiful.

Getting There

Our beach, aka Castles Beach, is at the north end of Kailua Beach. To get to the northernmost beach access you can park in the neighborhood at North Kalaheo and Kailuana Place and walk to the access point along North Kalaheo. Hopefully, you’ll find the beach on one of its good days.

Oahu family lifestyle photographer

Walking down the beach access path. Grumpy kids about to undergo a major transformation.

kids beaches Oahu

Squealing delight. Just add water.

oahu activites for kidsoahu family photographer kailua

This is her best sea turtle impression.

oahu family activities

“come uppa mama!” and we’re through.

Looking for More Family Fun on Oahu?

Another great toddler beach with a change of scenery, Kaiona Beach, is a short drive down the coast. For more great beaches and family fun, sign up for the Little Bird Post below.



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