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Ke Iki Beach, Worthy of a Staycation

I was recently at a birthday celebration at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows on the north shore of Oahu. Adults chatted on the lanai with microbrews in hand while our children played in a wild mob below on the beach. “What do you call a group of children?”, a friend mused. We went over animal counterparts. There is a pod of dolphins, a gaggle of geese, a murder of crows … Wait, that last one. There’s something to it. We eyed the children who were deeply involved in an imaginative world with a clear power structure. They were armed with a variety of large sticks and there was a great deal of militant shouting. It all felt very Lord of the Flies.

In other words, we all had an amazing weekend. I may have undervalued the concept of the staycation in the past. After all, it’s hard to spend money on a vacation rental when you already live by a beautiful beach. Maybe age has made me appreciate comfort more. Maybe I got carried away with too many cheap international flights last year (I blame you Pomelo). In any case, i’m fully sold on the staycation concept and Ke Iki may be my new favorite place. Don’t worry. It’s not just for staycations.

Love for Oahu Tide Pools

Over the winter months, Ke iki is a bit of a bear. Big surf, a steep shore break and rip currents make it hazardous for kids. Come spring, the waters of the north shore begin to mellow and beckon to snorkelers and paddleboarders.

If the conditions are too rough to go in, plan for a low tide visit. Delicate feet can explore the exposed tidal shelf for crabs, sea slugs, urchins and other critters. It’s not as expansive as adjacent Shark’s Cove, but fun nonetheless. And at any time of year, sunset is a spectacle worth a visit.

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exploring tidal shelf at ke iki beach
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boy with a sea slug in a tide pool on the north shore
girl exploring tide pool at ke iki beach north shore oahu
ke ike beach tide pool on the north shore of oahu
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sea salt along oahu's north shore
purple clouds at sunset in hawaii

Are You Looking for More Oahu Tide Pools?

Paradise Cove in Koolina and Baby Makapuu on the windward side are two family favorite tide pools. Sign up for the Little Bird Post beow for more family-friendly ideas.


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