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An Alternative Toddler Playground

There may be more skateparks on Oahu than swingsets. I’m not sure if it’s a safety issue or vandalism problem, but there aren’t many options. Playgrounds tend to have the same structure and it gets a little boring so we decided to try a skatepark. Normally skateparks are occupied by intense teenagers posturing on the concrete waves but if you get there early enough, you can have this Adventureland all to yourselves. It may not be a traditional play area for the toddler crowd, but it’s pretty great if you think like a kid. There are vast mountains to climb, plenty of interesting slides and lots of space for anything that rolls. The concrete may not be ideal for inevitable wipeouts but you get the bonus of an enclosed area.

Looking for an alternative to the beach, we grabbed some friends and visited Keolu Skatepark in Enchanted Lakes, Kailua for our first adventure. We rolled up on an assortment of bikes and skateboards which the kids tested and traded in every imaginable way. Standing on the skateboards was the hardest skill and least popular. The kids preferred scooting on their butts or bellies. They tried backward and forwards as they moved up and down each mountain. There were races (and chases). The youngest kids were a little intimidated by the wheels but were content to climb and slide.

Fun for Parents

The parents may have had even more fun than the kids. Old skateboard skills were allowed to shine in front of an easily impressed audience. The dads liked it so much that they made plans for a regular Sunday morning playdate at the skatepark (kids optional.)

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Looking for more family fun on Oahu?

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