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I went to a fabulous birthday party a few weeks ago, got lost, and discovered this beach. Stunning. Seriously, wow. I’ve been to the big lagoons at Ko’olina, but they’re a little … sterile for my taste. This one has a rugged beauty and I just had to come back and take some photographs.

Mother’s Day morning we were back. I was slightly panicked that there would be a line of cars when we arrived at 8am, but it was clear. Phew. Nothing more disappointing than being stuck in your car when  you’re so very close to the beach on a beautiful day.  The closest parking is by Lanikuhonua and there are only 12 stalls. When we went back to our car to drive home at noon, there was a long line of cars. The woman who was first in line did a little jig when she saw us coming. She had been waiting for over an hour. Get there early my friends!

It’s just a perfect spot for kids. There is a protected swimming cove for the little ones and a great intertidal area for fishing and exploration. I meant to pick up a little fishing net, but forgot and all I had at home was a pathetic aquarium fishing net. We didn’t catch anything but sand. Next time, next time. I recommend reef shoes if you have them. The rocks are 1 part slippery : 1 part jagged. Or you can be daring like me and walk around barefoot with a very expensive camera in your hand. Either way.

Oh, and there are turtles if you like that kind of thing. Of course you love turtles, turtles are awesome! A group of kids collected limu and fed it to the turtles. Okay, pause for a public service announcement. I do not condone feeding turtles. Not because it’s illegal, but because I am firm believer that sharp turtle beaks and kid fingers do not mix. I’ve seen turtle bites … not good. Plus feeding them makes them approach people and they may nibble your non-edible bits. One turtle followed Jaap around trying to snag the green patches on his swim shorts. Okay, end public service announcement. I couldn’t help but take a few pictures. Don’t judge me, photography is an addiction.

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