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About the Kaneohe Sandbar

The Kaneohe sandbar has been on my list for a long time. It was in my backyard for five years and I could kind of, sort of, if you craned your neck just so, see if from our bedroom. The kids were a bit too young to kayak out and I didn’t want to risk an organized tour. Those are fairly long and usually happen during nap time. All I could envision was being trapped in the middle of Kaneohe Bay with a screaming baby. I think that’s how you start a mutiny.

Mila recently turned three. That sounded like the right age for a trip, so our plan was to visit this summer. There are a few ways to get out there if you don’t own your own boat. You can go on a group tour or charter a boat. You can kayak or paddle out (it’s about 4 miles round trip), or if you have military privileges (or friends with privileges), you can rent a pontoon boat from the Kaneohe Marine Corp Base. We actually got lucky and our new, wonderful neighbors invited us out on their very fancy boat.

What to do once you’re out there? Explore the shallows with a dip net, snorkel, go fishing, play beach volleyball, swim, BBQ, and just soak in the incredible views. Because they really are incredible.


Best Time to Visit?

The sandbar is only exposed at low tide and only for an hour or two. Early morning there is a family atmosphere, which turns to a party atmosphere later in the day. So if you have a choice, go when there is an extreme low tide in the morning. Find a friend, bring a friend and go check it out. It’s worth the effort. And don’t forget to sign up for the Little Bird Post below to receive monthly updates on Oahu family fun!

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