Short Hikes on Oahu : Judd Trail + Jackass Ginger Pool

A Great Beginner Hike

This may be an odd thing to say, but the Judd Trail is the best hike for kids who don’t like to hike. You don’t have drag, poke or prod a reluctant hiker, because there is so much to do and see on this hike. This isn’t glorified walking; you have stream crossings, waterfalls, bamboo forest, massive cook pines, moss and mushrooms, and a swimming hole complete with natural slide. We even saw some families carrying water toys out to the swimming area for the little ones. There’s a lot packed into this tiny hike.

Plus it’s only a 1-mile loop. Everyone knows loop trails are the best. If you’re like us, you’ll pass your starting point and go for a bonus loop. “Hey, didn’t we see those people already?” “I think you guys are going in circles!” Haha, we laughed. I think those guys are lost. Nope, it was us. True story.

boy looking at mushrooms along a hiking trail in hawaiiboy in a bamboo forest along the Judd Trailboy exploring the forest floor in oahuboy crossing a stream to the jackass ginger pool in hawaiiShort hikes on Oahu with tall cooke pines

Need Extra Incentives?

If your kids are still dragging their feet, I find that a bit of trail mix at strategic intervals works wonders. Or you can explore the magic of geocaching. Nothing like a potential treasure to get those little legs moving.

*Update* My car has been broken into at the trailhead. The officer who took the report said it’s a common occurrence in that area. Don’t leave valuables in your car.

Looking for More Short Hikes on Oahu?

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