Honolulu Pirate Ship Adventure for Kids

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Pirates in Honolulu?

Thar be pirates in Honolulu, argh! At least that’s what my friend told me (my apologies for the pirate talk, I shall refrain until international talk like a pirate day). More importantly, said pirates had a deal on Groupon where you could set sail with them for a fair price. I had no idea what to expect, but it didn’t really matter. What kid doesn’t love to dress up and play on a boat? It was a done deal.

We grabbed some friends and headed off to adventure on the high seas of the Pacific, aka Waikiki. The crew was fantastic. They were in character from the moment we boarded and they were good too. They walked around and greeted everyone, took pictures and handed out pirate swag. After we set sail, there were non-stop games and activities. I actually got tied up for trying to take pictures of Diamond Head instead of doing pirate-y  things. Sword fights, sunken treasure, water canons, lots of good stuff. It was like dinner theater except on a boat, and without any food, and with pirates … okay that was a terrible analogy. Let’s just say, they were good. Maybe a little too good. I had to keep reassuring the kids that it was all just for fun and they didn’t have to walk the plank.

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Great views and lots of fun for the kids. Probably best for the 4-12 age range. Just be warned, and this is important, there are two cruises offered. The day cruise is for kids while the night cruise would qualify more as a booze cruise for lusty pirates.

If you have any pirate lovers in your family, I say go for it. If not, you might like exploring tidepools near Diamond Head or lounging in a spacious park at sunset. For more ideas head to the Keiki Monday archives to find more family fun on Oahu.



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