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Okay, let me qualify that statement … high adventure if you’re a 3-year-old kid that loves climbing, ducks, mud and general exploration. I knew there was a dry forest restoration site along the mauka end of Kawainui Marsh in Kailua, but the other day I was driving by and noticed a marker for a hiking trail. Huh? What trail? So, of course we had to explore.

Turns out the trail is called Na Pohaku O Hauwahine – Hauwahine being the mo’o goddess and guardian spirit of Kawainui. Turns out “trail” is a bit of a euphemism. It’s more like a network of paths that connects the different restoration areas. Not that I was disappointed. The place was chock full of native plants. All my old friends were there alahe’e, a’ali’i, ilie’e, ohai, nanu, ulei, loulu, ma’o … some serious love has been put into this place. Of course Micah loves to pick flowers and that made me a little neurotic. “No! No! Not the endemic Hibiscus, come pick this nice non-native. Look, it’s purple!”

Other than the plants, there are some very large, lichen-covered boulders which are quite perfect for climbing and stunning views. We ventured down to the water in hot pursuit of some duck sounds and found a little fishing net. We caught fish, poked at some snails, climbed some more rocks and called it a day.


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