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I sent my camera in for cleaning last week and decided to spend some quality time with my iPhone. It has a great little camera and its simplicity inspires creativity, so this week I took the iPhone and the kids to Heeia Pier in Kaneohe for a bit of adventure.

The trip wasn’t planned exactly. We were enjoying a post-doctor’s checkup to Jamba Juice and had about an hour before nap time. The kids didn’t want to go home and I didn’t want to go the playground, so I decided to check out the boats at the pier. It was actually a lot of fun.

We started by the boat ramp just swinging our feet over the side, throwing rocks in the water and watching boats launch. They were content. It was hard to convince them to walk to the other side of the pier, but when we did we saw reef fish in the clear water surrounding the pier and crabs hiding in rocky crevices.

At the end of the pier, we enjoyed the view and visited Heeia Pier General Store and Deli. It’s fun to look around and a great place for lunch – fresh fish, gauva chicken, loco moco – you can’t go wrong. Brown noddies buzzed over a group of fisherman. One caught a hammerhead shark while we were there and let the kids touch it before throwing it back into the bay. Kaneohe Bay is a nursing ground for hammerheads, so they’re common in summer. We ended up staying long past nap time.

heeia pier general storeHeeia Pier in Kaneohewatching boats at heeia pierhammerhead shark kaneoheheeia pier general store and delikids activities in oahu

Hours of free entertainment 5 minutes from my house and great lunch … wish I had stopped here a long time ago. Go check it out for yourself or head to the archives for more family activities on Oahu. And don’t forget to sign up for the Little Bird Post below to receive monthly updates on Oahu family fun!

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