Hawaii Family Adventure | From Here to Eternity at Halona Beach Cove

siblings check the surf at halona cove beach in oahu

A Hidden Cove

Sandwiched between iconic Hanauma Bay and wind-swept Sandy Beach is a small rocky cove tucked out of site called simultaneously Halona Beach Cove, Cockroach Cove, and From Here to Eternity Beach. The latter comes from a steamy love scene between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the 1953 film “From Here to Eternity”.

The beach is accessed by parking at the Halona Blowhole Lookout where you can watch the misty eruptions of waves forced through old, underground lava tubes. On a hot summer’s day, the fine salt spray is a welcome relief. If it’s clear, scan the horizon for views of neighboring Molokai and Lanai (don’t forget to scan for whales in the winter). After gawking at the scenery, take the rocky path down to the beach below for a bit of adventure.

A Weekend Ritual

As strange as it sounds, this beach makes our trips to Costco bearable. We typically take the scenic route that hugs the rugged windward coastline from Kailua to Hawaii Kai. To offset the pain of this essential errand, we stop at Halona Cove or nearby Sandy Beach for a quick dose of wild beauty.

An hour or two is the perfect amount of time to jump off the rocks and get tumbled in the surf. However, the wave action can get intense, especially in the winter so enter with caution. If it’s calm, follow the rocky edge of the cove toward the blowhole for a closer view. If you continue along the coast, you will find another small, sandy beach that will eventually connect with Sandy Beach. Please, be safe! Keep your distance from the blowhole, stay on dry rocks and monitor the waves for safety.

siblings walk down to halona cove beach on oahu
girl climbing the rocks at halona beach cove during a family photo session in oahu
boy with bodyboard heading into cave at halona cove
watching the mist from the halona blowhole in hawaii during a family vacation
boy in a sunhat at halona beach cove in oahu
girl waiting for salt spray from the halona blowhole on oahus windward coast
siblings jumping off rocks at halona beach cove in oahu
Hawaii Family Adventure at Halona Blowhole on Oahu
Views from Halona cove beach in windward oahu

Looking for More Family Adventures on Oahu?

Visit nearby Makapuu Trail for a short hike that leads to a lighthouse, secluded cove, or tidepools. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure trail! For more inspiration sign up for the Little Bird Post below and receive monthly ideas for family fun in Hawaii.


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