Fun Family Beach in Waikiki | Queen’s Surf Beach

A Perfect Little Beach for Families

Waikiki has a lot of excitement to offer, but we always find ourselves drawn to the same little stretch of beach called Queen’s Surf Beach. It’s a small beach on the outskirts of Waikiki near the Waikiki Aquarium. In fact, we walked past it many times over the years on the way to the Aquarium or Honolulu Zoo, but didn’t stop until we joined the fantastic (and fun!) ocean safety class from Na kama kai.

The beach has everything a family needs in a small space – showers, bathrooms, a lifeguard stand, shade, and a grassy area to run around or hang a hammock. There’s even a tasty little cafe with ocean views. It’s especially good on weekends when they offer a brunch menu and live music. Bonus for those unmotivated to pack a lunch.

Beginner Snorkel Spot for Kids

A long jetty juts out abruptly from the shoreline at Queen’s Beach. It’s fun to brave the waves (and scuttling crabs) and walk out for sweeping views of Diamond Head and Waikiki. Don’t forget to look down. You don’t even have to be a snorkeler to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the colorful fish below. The area between the jetty and the Natatorium is designated as the Waikiki Marine Life Conservation District and fish abound.

If you want to get closer, it’s an easy spot for kids and novice snorkelers to spy on fish. Unicornfish, yellow tangs, wrasses, parrotfish, needlefish, moray eels, and some of the fattest triggerfish (humuhumunukunukuapua’a) I’ve ever seen frequent this area.

When you tire of Snorkeling, the diamond head side of the jetty has fun waves to jump into.

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Looking for More Fun Around Waikiki?

We like to combine a visit to Queen’s Beach with the Honolulu Zoo or Waikiki Aquarium or even a stroll through Waikiki sampling its many tasty desserts.  Adjacent Kapiolani Park is another great option for lounging under ropey banyan trees or climbing them.

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