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For a long time I associated Kualoa Beach Park with the blazing heat and a steady stream of tourists – get off bus, walk to water, take picture, walk back to bus … One day I was walking along the beach and ran into a nice shady area with picnic tables. I actually though it was Kualoa Ranch’s secret “island”. Turns out, it’s an extension of the park – the group camping site. No groups are allowed on week days though, so you can have the place to yourself. Bathrooms, showers, nice shade trees (some good for climbing), lots of crabs, tiny shells, fabulous views and a decent amount of beach as long it’s not high tide. The only down side is that there was some glass on the beach from the campers. Watch out for little toes.

It was just us and a couple of guys fishing. Calm, clear water. The aholehole were schooling. Jumping out of the water, zooming around our feet. It would have been peaceful if Mila hadn’t been having a meltdown every 10 minutes. Emergency applesauce helped a bit (I love you apple sauce in a pouch), but I think she’s going to be in a constant state of meltdown until her molars come in. The best I can do is give her a beautiful spot to melt down in.

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To get here, drive to the back of Kualoa Beach Park. When you come to a circle, there is a dirt road that veers off to the right. Take that until you get to the parking lot and you’re golden. I’m still curious about secret island though. Has anyone actually been there?

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