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A Beach for Little Adventurers

Mila looked at me quizzically as she surveyed the beach. “Why did you take us to a beach with brown water, Mama?” True, the water often has a brown tinge as the rain from Kahana Valley empties into the bay, but it’s perfect for exploring. She quickly forgot about the imperfect water when the first ghost crab was sited. Off they ran, dancing in circles to catch the tiny beasts.

We walked the length of the beach searching for the perfect stick – oh, so many sticks – and discovered silvery shells, rocks, and other treasures. Tiny fish danced in the stream outlet and kids screeched in delight on tree swings under the bridge. Calm beaches in Oahu can be hard to find during winter swells, but this protected bay stays mellow. The kids said it was the best beach ever. I wished I brought my hammock along. And paddle board. We’ll have to come back and camp here one day.

calm beaches in OahuKahana-bay-best-toddler-beach-oahu_0041Kahana-bay-best-toddler-beach-oahu_0042

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