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A Mini Vacation

We live within walking distance to the beach and a short drive from several impressive hikes. Sadly we rarely ever make it out to enjoy the world around us. Our days seem to be filled with work, school, and kid’s activities.

That’s why we love having visitors. Whenever friends and family come to visit us on Oahu, we make time for a mini-vacation. Potential itineraries are carefully crafted around each guest based on their interests, adventure level, and what they have seen on the island in the past.

I was particularly excited that my dear friends were flying in from the west coast for their very first visit. I usually have a week or so of vacation time to work with, but this time they were only here for two days. To make it worse, it was going to be a rainy two days.

The Hunt for Sun

When it’s raining on Oahu you have some options. We went on a sun hunt, which took us to the west side of Oahu. Normally I would recommend the lagoons at Koolina, which are great for kids but if you get there too late (after 10:00 am) there is no parking.

It was well after 10:00 am by the time we mobilized so we decided to try something new. A while back a friend mentioned that Pokai Bay Beach Park was great for kids, so we headed up the leeward coast to investigate.

A Baby-Friendly Beach

Pokai is an easy beach with parking, showers, bathrooms, grass, and shade. Better yet, it’s protected from big swells and has a sandy bottom making it ideal for babies and toddlers to cruise in the shallows.

The views are nice, but it lacks the stunning beauty of Makua or Yokohama Beaches. Definitely make some time to visit those beaches, but if you’re looking for a mellow, non-touristy beach day, this is a great option.

We basked in the warm, afternoon sun while the kids splashed along the shore. Afterward, we stopped across the street at Tamura’s Market for some of the best poke on the island. It’s a little off the beaten path, but overall a great alternative to fighting for a parking spot in Koolina.

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Want More Toddler-Friendly Activities on Oahu?

Head to Paradise Cove in Koolina for a peaceful morning with (if you’re lucky!) sea turtles. And sign up for the Little Bird Post for monthly ideas on Oahu family fun!

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