A Perfect Beach for Babies | Serenity at Bellows Beach

Exploring the Windward Coast

A perfect day on Oahu includes a slow drive along the windward coast with the windows down and the scent of flowers on the breeze. Sunshine sculpted mountains rise abruptly to one side and impossibly turquoise ocean stretches out on the other. The only question is – where to stop? From rocky shores with crashing waves to curious tidepools and quiet stretches of stand – you’re spoiled for choice.

If you’re looking to relax on a weekend, however, you may have to battle the crowds at popular spots like Lanikai and Kailua Beaches. The good news is that solitude is only a short drive away.

Escape the Crowds at Bellows Beach

Bellows Beach is officially a military training area. However, on the weekends, they open this 2-mile stretch of beach to the public (it’s closed 8 am Monday to 12 pm Friday). One end borders Sherwood Beach, but the opposite end, abutting the military restricted area, offers a more baby-friendly option. Here, you trade the rough, crashing shore for gentle swells. At low tide, the water recedes leaving a shallow splash pad much loved by babies and toddlers.

The beach also tends to accumulate driftwood. That might not seem exciting at first, but it means you have an abundance of toys built right into the beach. Kids can make forts, have driftwood sword fights, collect treasure – whatever they can imagine. On this particular trip the kids decided the water was too cold to play in but they were happy with their driftwood treasure. They built a working seesaw, a questionable fort and set up a shop selling fancy cocktails and kukui nut poke. Which ultimately left us hungry for poke so had to make a stop at Tamura’s on the way home.

girl looking at the water with mountains in the background at bellows beach in hawaii
boy collecting driftwood at bellows beach oahu
kids digging deep holes at bellows beach oahu
kids digging holes at bellows beach oahu
coconut on the beach in hawaii
portrait of a boy at the beach in hawaii
girl playing on bellows beach oahu hawaii
boy running along the beach
boy building a fort on the beach in hawaii
girl looking at the waves at bellows beach

Looking for More Family-Friendly Beaches on Oahu?

Find a roundup of my favorite family beaches on Oahu here. For more ideas on what to do with family on Oahu, sign up for the Little Bird Post below.

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