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Hike Details

I adore this little hike. So much that I’ve been reluctant to tell you about it because it’s best when you have the place to yourself. I’ve seen it listed as Alan Davis or Allen Davis, but it’s never clear if that’s the name of the trail or beach or both. In any case, it’s along the Kaiwi Scenic Shoreline and shares a parking lot the Makapuu lighthouse hike. Instead of ascending the concrete path at the trailhead, take the dirt path down to the ocean. It’s beautiful and wild and windy. The rugged beauty makes me feel like I’m in some remote place on Big Island or Maui. I love it.

The hike takes maybe 10 minutes, twenty or so if you’re traveling with curious toddlers. Leave your stroller at home though. It’s so rocky and uneven that it’s not worth the effort. My favorite time to go is late afternoon. If you can manage it on a weekday, you’ll likely have the place to yourself. Bring a picnic dinner to enjoy on the little beach and spend time exploring and tide pooling. Catch a beautiful sunset over Koko Head before hiking back (just make sure you’re back before the parking lot closes).

The beach is best known as a cliff jumping spot. A utility pole once hung over the water like a diving board. Big groups would haul giant coolers and radios to the beach for a day of jumping and lounging on the rocks. Although the pole was removed by the State in 2011, avid jumpers still make the leap from the cliffside. Avoid this area on weekends in the summer if that’s not your scene.

native hawiian cotton found along the alan davis hike

Keep an eye out for native Hawaiian cotton along the trail with its bright yellow flowers and fluffy brown seeds.

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2018 Hike Update

This hike remains one of my favorites and it photographs beautifully.  A couple of years ago, the trail was improved making the walk an easy stroll along a dirt path. Although, easy access has increased the crowds. The hike shares a trailhead with the Makapuu lighthouse trail which was also improved and worth a visit. The pair of trails is an ideal combination in the winter months when you can head to the summit in search of whales and then back down to cool off at the beach.

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This hike through a plumeria grove inside a volcanic cinder cone is easy, safe for kids, and beautiful. We like to end both of these hikes with a visit to Bubbies for mochi ice cream (if you need an excuse). For more ideas sign up for the Little Bird Post below to receive monthly updates on Oahu family fun!

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