Ala Moana Beach Park : A Sunset Picnic and Fireworks

A Magical Honolulu Sunset

Town isn’t far. It’s maybe a half hour drive from Kailua, but it feels far. The kids balk and throw their little bodies dramatically on the couch as we pick them up from school with news of our evening plans. “Noooo!” they moan. “We don’t want to go to the beach!” #truestory #Hawaiiproblems

Friday traffic certainly doesn’t help. Well, Friday traffic coupled with the (surprise!) Punahou carnival as we make a poorly timed sushi detour in Makiki. As traffic came to a grinding halt, brilliant, arching rainbows encourage us. They’re like a pat on the back for getting our lazy buts out of the house to meet with friends.

We arrive as the sun dips close the horizon, creating a golden shimmer to the still waters. Despite the chill, the kids approach the water. First, just testing the temperature with their toes before being drawn further and further. Thier fully clothed friends join in for a racuous water firght and no one can be coaxed back out of the water.

Waikiki Friday Fireworks Show

At 7:30 pm we hastily make our way to the Diamond Head side of Magic Island for the show. Barefoot kids lead the way with chattering teeth and excited talk. Every Friday without fail, the Hawaiian Hilton Village hosts a small fireworks display around 7:45 pm.

It was such a beatiful scene that I couldn’t decide between video or photos so I went with both.

silhouette of kids playing in the water at sunset in hawaii
ala moana buildings at sunset
a brilliant blue and orange sunset in waikiki
waikiki fireworks display from ala moana beach park

Need More Inspiration for Family Fun on Oahu?

You can hike out to the very tip of the island for a bit of nature, adventure, and a dramatically different type of Hawaiian sunset.

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