A Quiet Oahu Beach | Solitude at Sherwoods Beach in Waimanalo

Avoid the Crowds – Even on a Weekday

I’m a little spoiled when it comes to beaches. My family photo sessions are scheduled around crowds – early morning with its warm golden light or off-the-beaten-path beaches in the evening. Either way, we normally have a good amount of space to ourselves. So when it comes to family beach days, I struggle to adjust to the crowds in my favorite spaces.

If I’m feeling particularly ambitious and want to visit a popular or small beach like Paradise Cove, I try to drag everyone out to the beach early, but I often fail. It’s not them, it’s me. Despite regularly encouraging my clients to meet me at the crack of dawn for photos, I’m not a morning person. So on those, sunny afternoons, when the entire island seems to be at the beach already, we head to Sherwood Beach in Waimanalo.

Is this the longest stretch of beach on Oahu? If not, it sure feels like it. There’s enough beach to go around. And because people tend to congregate near parking spaces, you can walk 5 minutes or so and find your own bit of peace and quiet.

We love the spot at the junction of Waimanalo and Bellows beaches. There, you can find a little stream and a jumble of boulders that are fun to play on. More importantly, there is ample shade and perfect hammock trees with a sweeping view of the beach.

A Bit of Fishing

I’m not sure if the pandemic is wearing on them or if it’s just a phase, but the kids rarely want to go to the beach these days. When we go, they often avoid the water and look for opportunities to steal our hammocks instead.

However, if we bring a fishing pole (and some cheese?! or bread) they’ll happily spend the day catching hungry tilapia in the stream. And we can enjoy our hammocks with a view.

boy in a hammock at waimanalo beach in oahu
lounging in hammocks at a quiet oahu beach in waimanalo
siblings playing in hammocks at a beach in hawaii
an easy saturday fishing at sherwoods beach in oahu
portrait of a boy taking a break from fishing in hawaii
bare feet on the shore
boy catches a tilapia at sherwoods
boy climbing the rocks at sherwood beach in waimanalo
boy fishing at a quiet oahu beach in waimanalo

Look for More Beach Options in Windward Oahu?

The surf and shore break at Sherwoods can be rough. If you have babies or toddlers and prefer something mellow try nearby Kaiona Beach it’s like a protected, sandy-bottomed swimming pool!

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