Oahu Maternity Photos | A Secret Island Sunset, Kualoa Hawaii

couple on the beach at kualoa

A bit of serenity

I love this little beach in Kualoa Regional Park. Kualoa itself is a spectacular backdrop for a photo session with lots of diversity in a fairly small area. But this out of the way strip of beach, well, there’s something about it that’s so peaceful and calm. It feels like you hang up a hammock and spend a day or a week without a care in the world – just enjoying the light breeze and warm sun on your face.

Baby on the way

It was an ideal place for Oahu maternity photos. After sharing an adventurous life, these two were ready for the next step. An adventure that no one can quite grasp until they experience it first hand.

The cool mountains and calm water created a peaceful backdrop to enjoy each other’s company and imagine the future with eager anticipation. How great to come back to this very spot in a years time with a baby taking his first steps?

maternity photos at kualoa beach in windward oahu
beach maternity portraits in oahu hawaii
couple walking along the beach in windward oahu
maternity portrait at the beach for woman in a yellow skirt
underwater maternity portrait with sky reflection windward oahu
couple lounges on the beach during a maternity photoshoot
pregnant woman walking along the beach with mountains and rain behind oahu hawaii
couple posing on the beach during a photo session
closeup of pregnant belly with yellow skirt in the dunes
couple holding hands in the water during maternity photo session
couple sharing a laugh
couple snuggles on the beach
pregnant woman in yellow skirt in the water
couple portrait at sunset over koolau mountains oahu
maternity portraits on the pier at kualoa hawaii
couple holding hands at sunset
couple portrait at secret island oahu
sunset maternity session at kualoa

Looking for a relaxed maternity session?

I’m happy to plan a mellow evening for you to take it easy and capture moments before your next big adventure. Bonus points if you want to jump in the water! Find out more about my fun photography sessions here.


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