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Memories of a Neighborhood

My engine hesitated, shuddered, and shifted into a lower gear as my car slowly climbed up the street. From a distance, this street looks impossibly steep and has always intimidated me – possibly the effects of a lifetime driving manual cars.

As I climbed higher into the neighborhood my mind flashed back to university days. Several “fancy” friends lived in this neighborhood and often held elaborate, wild parties. I remember driving up this same street in a cast of odd vehicles – station wagons, VW buses, and even a classic stretch limousine. The former was in honor of a particularly memorable, 80’s themed prom party. If you’re going to prom, you have to arrive in style.

As I made my way up the hill in my current, excessively boring automatic Nissan SUV, a bright double rainbow distracted me from my soccer-mom woes. It stretched across the sky in a brilliant arc of color. What a beautiful way to begin a newborn photography session.

A Peaceful Home

A light rain sprinkled me as I knocked on their front door. JoAnne was referred to me by a favorite client. They were expecting their first baby and wanted newborn portraits with a natural, easy feel. She was also curious about a family film so I planned to capture both.

They welcomed me inside and an immediate feeling of peace and calm washed over me. Rain pattered politely against the windows while a hushing wind rushed around the edges of the house. Everything was cast in a warm golden glow and the scent of new baby filled the air. I couldn’t help contrast it to my own experience with a newborn. It wasn’t pretty and those first weeks are best described as frantic and chaotic with an air of desperation. I’m glad I didn’t know that a scene like this was possible at the time.

I spent the morning with them as they lavished love on the new baby who in return gifted them with newborn smiles. Their dog tried to hide his jealousy, but the need for attention would overwhelm him in waves and he would excitedly nose into the action for a little love.

I left them in their newborn haze and celebrated with a bear claw from Coffee Talk.

Watch their newborn film below for a glimpse of baby Asa’s first days

You can see a sample of their newborn images below.

mom and new baby captured at home by newborn photographer little bird
newborn portraits in honolulu hawaii
family of 3 plus fur baby home from the hospital in honolulu
dad holding newborn son at home in honolulu
newborn family portrait by little bird photography in hawaii
excited new dad and newborn son during an in-home photo session in oahu
closeup portrait of a newborn boy in hawaii
mom and dad snuggle their wrapped newborn during a family photo session
mom and newborn baby at home in honolulu
dad comforting newborn son at home during a photo session with newborn photographer little bird
newborn baby smiles as dad holds him during a newborn photography session at home
newborn baby rocked in a cradle while fur baby looks on by little bird photography
mom comforts newborn baby at home in oahu hawaii
spaniel annoyed that newborn is getting all the attention
closeup portrait of newborn baby with open eyes

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