Let’s have a morning adventure

Exploring a secret cove. Cracking nuts at a macadamia farm. Tasting shave ice. All with a hefty dose of beach! I believe family photos should be as much fun to take as they are to look at. A Morning Adventure is exactly that - rather than asking you to just stand around on the beach feeling uncertain, I get to know you and design a mini adventure around what delights your family. We’ll tailor it just for you, and consider whether you’re morning or evening people, what types of activities you love (forest, tide pools, mellow beach, waves), and what support you need. This kind of Morning Adventure ensures we don’t just capture sunsets and water - we also snag belly laughs and shared secrets between siblings. His tiny hand in yours, and the perfect curl at the nape of her neck. All the ways you love and protect your beloveds.


What sort of adventure are you looking for?

Visiting the Islands?

Consider me a photographer with a teeny bit of travel agent thrown in.

I’ve lived here for 15 years and have explored every cove and cranny with my own family - including remote islands frequented only by sea birds. I know what suits all ages, stages, and interests - and I have a knack for picking the right things for you to choose from (including an option you may never have found on your own). ‘Getting photos done’ doesn’t have to be a separate activity - we can plan for what delights and relaxes you, and you walk away with great images to boot. Multiple clients have told me their photo session was the highlight of their trip!


(P.S. Want to hear Oahu’s best spots for kids? I’ll send them to you, just tell me where!)


Live in Hawaii?

Nothing delights me more than a local family pulling kids to the beach in a wagon piled high with salty gear. Maybe your years here won’t last forever, but you want to remember your family rhythms and delightful chaos. Show me what your Hawaii looks like. How your family loves and lives in your favorite spaces.


Your morning adventure might start at home making pancakes, and proceed to your favorite patch of shore or forest. It’s true that living here tends to push us out of doors - quarters can be tight, and some people may hesitate to invite me into their indoor lives. But home is also where little moments unroll. You won’t even realize until later how important they were. Consider beginning the morning there, and then we’ll venture outside to revel in the light and lushness of Hawaii. You get all the sun-soaked images you want, plus a few more to make you weep ten years from now. Trust me.



Whether you’re on vacation or simply rolling out of bed on a Saturday, your images will be light, relaxed, a little bit silly, occasionally tender, and a whole lot of love and salty feet.


Photo + Family films – Which is right for you?

Have the adventure + take home tangible memories!



Print and hang everyday bits of happiness around your home. Be the envy of social media. Weep over your album, then do it again every year for the next 100. I've done this dozens of times - use me as a resource to help you get the finished products you'll love. Photo sessions deliver approximately 40-80 images (depending on the collection you choose) for you to print and share.




+ Planning of your morning adventure

+ 1-2 hours of session time – the length depends on the fun we plan! If you want a beach and macadamia farm, we can do both. We won’t linger if you have somewhere to be, but we also won’t put a stopwatch on a good time!

+ 40-80 edited images

Collections starting at $995


Family Films

Video helps you see little things you may otherwise forget. Rubbing noses with your sandy toddler. Your daughter’s un-self-conscious spirit on the cusp of teenagerhood. Video adds a dimension to transport you back. Leave your iPhone behind (and don’t worry about it dropping in the saltwater) and let me record high-resolution moments and weave them into a unique treasure – a short film featuring your family. See examples here.




+ Planning of your morning adventure

+ 2-3 hours of recording time – some adventures last longer than others, the length will suit your schedule and the fun we plan!

+ A short family film (examples here) delivered on a thumb drive for you to enjoy forever



Want photos AND a family film? No problem!

Send me a note telling me what you have in mind, and we’ll come up with an adventure that gives the proper balance to both!

"It went so smoothly even for a group as large as ours. Kids played & were allowed to be themselves."
Sold Separately

+ Stunning fine art prints and custom albums.

Get the most out of your images - pull them off your hard drive and into your life!

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