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Going for the Record

My 3-year-old niece screamed in protest. A look of pure terror washed over her face before she dissolved in a puddle of hysterical sobs. All this because my sister walked too close to the water. I looked out at the seemingly benign expanse of blue ocean as it lapped gently at the shore and wondered about her fears. Why does the ocean foster such great passion both in favor of and against? Even babies seem to have strong opinions on the matter.

Debbie and her family fall on the opposite end of the spectrum. From youngest to oldest they are undoubtedly a water-loving family. In fact, they love it so much that they set a record for how fast an entire family was drenched during a family photo session. Just minutes into their session the oldest approached the water. I was unpacking my gear as he tested the waves gingerly with his toe and when I looked back he was completely soaked. Rivulets of water streamed down his polo and face reflected a combination of mischief and joy. As if he thought it was completely worth it.

No one yelled or screamed. They simply shrugged their shoulders and joined him in the shallows to play in the waves and look for treasure. The morning unfolded gently as curiousity and joy drove the session.

A Tropical Ending

We were spending a clear morning at Paradise Cove Beach. The gentle water was perfect for the baby and the tidepools and rocky outcrop created enough adventure to keep the older boys happy. So happy, in fact, that they didn’t want to leave the water.

We ended the session in a burst of energy. The grabbed intertubes, nets, and goggles and jumped fully into the ocean on a mission to catch a fish. Although their attempts were unsuccessful, they had the best time trying. And with the baby fast asleep on the sand, we decided to end the morning, but they made plans to come back the very next day.

You can watch their sweet family film below.

And see a sample of their family photos here –

family walks out to paradise cove beach just after sunrise
mom and toddler daughter portrait of her first time at the beach in hawaii
Family hug at paradise cove beach during a family photo session in hawaii
boy jumping in the shallows during a family photoshoot in oahu
mom and baby snuggle during a morning photoshoot at the beach
dad and son play in the sand at paradise cove koolina as the sun starts to rise
mom and son share a hug in a hawaii tidepool during a family photoshoot
toddler gives dad love during a beach photoshoot by little bird photography and films
dad plays with sons at a beach in family-friendly beach in oahu
family plays in the shallows of paradise cove beach
closeup of mom snuggling toddler daughter during a beach photography session in koolina lagoon
brothers explore the rocky intertidal area during a family photo shoot in hawaii
boy enjoying hugs from mom at koolina beach during a family photo shoot
family hug during a portrait session in hawaii
mom and sons enjoying a beautiful beach morning at koolina
over under portrait of boys fishing in koolina lagoon oahu
underwater portrait of a boy with a net and needlefish at koolinas paradise cove
boy having fun in a rainbow intertube during a family photo session in koolina oahu
boys playing in the shallows at paradise cove a kid-friendly beach in hawaii
over under shot of a boy in an intertube splashed by his brother Oahu Family Photography and Films

Do Your Children Love to Play in the Water?

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