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The Title Holders

My most photographed family. “Do we still hold the title?” Elisabeth asked with a laugh when we met again. Even thought they live in Texas, I’ve photographed them more than any other family. It’s something I look forward to each year. The kids think it’s a special treat too as I try to take them on a new adventure each year. We’ve been all over the island to play at different types of beaches, take family-friendly hikes, and explore lush parks. They push me to keep seeking out new locations and I have a few more special spots in mind for them. Eventually, though, we may need to switch islands.

About the Session

Long before the sun came up, I started the journey to the far end of Oahu. Our destination was Yokohama Bay. The end of the road and perhaps the farthest drive-able distance on the island. The sky began to glow a soft pink as I approached the Waianae Coast, happily moving in the opposite direction of rush hour traffic. The traffic began to thin and the country grew wilder and more rugged and finally, I was there.

I breathed in the fresh salt air and took in the vastness of the coastline. With few signs of civilization, it was like stepping back in time. The only other sole was a lone fisherman. Not even the lifeguard was at his post yet.

The kids emerged from their van in an excited bundle and our adventure began. Our feet met cool sand as we made our way to the beach and we had to jump around and yell at the waves to stay warm. We spent hours happily playing on the beach. It wasn’t until hunger overcame us that we.

Our evening adventure included a hike around Koko Head Botanical Garden. A long grove of Plumeria trees lies at the entrance to the hike like a red carpet welcome. Before long you’re enveloped in the crater by different worlds. The cactus garden is a personal favorite.

As the sun began to set we ended another grand Hawaiian adventure. A hui hou!

You can watch their family film here.

You can see a glimpse of their photos here.

girl walking on the beach with clouds reflecting in a shallow pool and mountains in the background
fun family photo with waianae mountains at yokohama bay by little bird photography
 parents hugging kids by oahu family photographer
family sitting on the beach with reflections of mountains at yokohama bay oahu
girl running from the rain with a towel over her head
dad and daughter share a laugh during a family photo session in hawaii
family running on the beach with mountains in the background in hawaii
family walking on the beach during a photoshoot at yokohama bay on oahu
girl waving to the waves with blue ocean and sky
family jumping waves with mountains behind during a fun family photo session in hawaii
backlit family walking on the beach with mountains looming large and surf pounding in hawaii

Evening Adventure at Koko Head Botanical Garden.

mom and kids playing in the cactus garden at koko head botanical garden on oahu
kids at the cactus garden during a fun family adventure on oahu
girl examining a giant tree
siblings sharing a laugh during a family photoshoot in oahu
boy examining a sharp agave plant at koko head botanical garden
girl desperately trying to hold up an agave flower that fell over during a lifestyle family photoshoot in hawaii
dad giving son a piggy-back ride on oahu
kids playing on a tree at koko head botanical garden on oahu

Does Your Family Love to Explore?

Let me plan a fun day that’s perfect for your family. We can play, explore and make beautiful memories. It’s a photo session hidden inside a family adventure so you can have a great time and I can create images you will treasure. Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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