Kualoa Beach Park family photography

This family proudly holds the title of my most photographed family and they don’t even live on Oahu. Our first session was years ago when little Eleanor was a toddler and they were still a family of three. They have some serious Hawaii love and it’s a joy to see them each year. In fact, it’s my personal mission to take them to a new location each year to play and explore. I tested a few different spots for this visit, but we all fell in love with Kualoa Beach Park where the beach is backed by a vibrant green mountainscape.

I was especially excited for this session because they scheduled a family film and photo session. In darkness I made my way around the coast with visions of a time-lapse sunrise. As I approached, the sky slowly began to brighten and I could tell it was going to be a spectacular show. I pulled into the park and my heart sank. The gate was locked. All other beach parks open at 6am, this one apparently doesn’t open until 7am. That was a good 10 minutes after sunrise. Cars piled in behind me, all of us eager to enter the park. We waited. 7am came and went, but the gate remained solidly closed. Finally at 7:15, a sleepy-eyed park attendant drove up in his golf cart and non-nonchalantly let us in.

There was beauty everywhere making it hard to know just where to start. We opted for the sunlit mountain peaks as our background and were lucky enough to have a rainbow thrown in for good measure. After running around the grass we decided it was beach time. When I scoped the site out earlier that week I discovered a fantastic buoy swing. It was even better than a tire swing and the kids made a beeline for the buoy. We lounged at the picnic tables and took in views of the windward coast while waves gently lapped on the shore. The air chilled as clouds rolled in, but we had one last stop to make for a very Hawaiian adventure – the macadamia nut farm. You can crack your own nuts with a crowd of roosters looking on hopefully.  The bar is set high for next year.

You can see their family film here …

And now the photos here …

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