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A Workshop

We first met at the Honolulu airport many years ago. I kicked the coffee-stained carpet and shifted under the weight of my camera bag as we talked in the waiting area. We were heading to Maui for a workshop and I was nervous. It was my first family photography workshop ever and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kim became my security blanket. Although we had just met, we were at least traveling together and that felt significant.

The workshop began with us gathered on the carpet with legs crossed like grade-schoolers. It was intense and hard. There was a lot of … squishiness. We spent time digging into our pasts and discussing emotions. We stared into each other’s eyes for an uncomfortably long time. The things we do to become better photographers. I struggled. With a science background, I approach problems with careful research and meticulous note-taking. This approach was foreign and painful. Tears spilled as people shared hard truths and troubled pasts. As much as I wanted to excel, I couldn’t identify a painful memory to draw meaning and inspiration for my work. The experience itself was a bit traumatic, but I was able to meet some wonderful local photographers like Kim. When she asked me to make a film for her family, I was thrilled.

A Perfect Day Captured

Our first attempt at a family lifestyle video was met with cloudy skies and rain showers. The gloomy weather didn’t quite suit her family. Golden sunshine and the deep blues of the ocean felt like a better fit so we waited. For our second attempt, we planned the afternoon around favorite family activities. We started with a little biking (and unicycling!) at home before heading to nearby Kaimana Beach, a family favorite just outside Waikiki.

A warm breeze blew from the ocean carrying the sound of laughter as the kids played and splashed with abandon. The sun sank slowly and dramatically over the Waianae mountains forcing us to end a perfect day.

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And I couldn’t help but grab a few still images as well …

photos captured during a Honolulu Family Lifestyle Video session in waikiki
footprints in the sand
boy playing in the sand in waikiki with sun flare
hawaii family lifestyle photographer captures a boy near the water at sunset in waikiki

What Does a Perfect Family Day Look Like for You?

Tell me what’s important to you or we can talk about what you have in mind so I can make suggestions for a fun family day. You can book a session just for photos, just for a film, or the best of both. Either way, you will make great memories! Find out more about my easy family photography and film sessions here.

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