Hawaii family filmmaker | A Perfect Maui Evening

Friends in Photography

Barb is a fellow family photographer and dear friend. We met at a photography workshop on Maui many years ago and have been friends ever since. Photography friends are a treasure. Being a photographer is a lonely job after all. About 80% of your time is spent in isolation behind a computer screen, so it’s a joy to meet in person to talk story and share ideas.

I was heading to Maui for a photo session and Barb asked me to make a film for her family while I was there. It turns out that Kate, her little one, likes to watch the family films on my Vimeo channel on repeat. They weren’t people she knew, but she was captivated all the same. She watched moms snuggle babies and families laugh together on repeat. In fact, during my visit, I Facetimed my family and she seemed a bit star-struck by the familiar faces. Now she could star in her very own film.

A Special Family Film at the Beach

The ocean is a big part of their lives. Their wedding ceremony was actually in the water on surfboards. It was really beautiful. Baby Kate started swimming at a very early age and they visit the ocean every chance they get. Although we spent a lovely day filming a typical day-in-the-life around their home, we definitely had to end at the beach.

It was overcast with howling wind when we left their Wailuku home, but as made our way south to Kihei, the sun emerged. The cloudy weather may have scared off other beach-goers because we had Poolenalena Beach to ourselves. We settled down in the sand and soaked in the beautiful surroundings.

You can see their sweet video from the beach below –


And a few photos

Hawaii family filmmakermaui family photographer sunset over kiheimaui sunset

Family films are a beautiful way to push pause and capture on your life right now.

Let’s plan a fun family day together, doing something you love with your favorite people. With a film and photos, you can return and share those moments for generations. Find out more about my fun family film and photo sessions here.

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