Hawaii family beach portraits | A day on Oahu to remember

dad carrying baby on shoulders with mountains behind at kahana bay

Celebrating a first birthday with a family film

When people reach out with a photo request to celebrate a first birthday, I always get excited. It’s like being an auntie. I get to experience all the joys and extreme cuteness of a baby with none of the cleanup, work, or sleep deprivation. To make a film for a first birthday? Even better. I mean everything a baby does is adorable – tiny feet and hands in the sand, the way their belly hangs over their diaper, the little giggles … even crying is adorable.

The cuteness level of this baby, of this family, was over the top. Most families are understandably a little unsure of what to do at the start of a session and I help ease them in with a bit of directing. This family, however, was immediately comfortable and so in-sync that I didn’t want to interrupt them.

Slowly into the sea

We met at sleepy Kahana Bay to start a beautiful, sunny day. At first, baby C was deeply unnerved by the unpredictable ocean. If you got too close to water, he would erupt into fat tears. We kept our distance from the wet stuff and dug in the sand, ready books and played his favorite sport – baseball. Check out the video below to watch his serious face as swings at kukui nuts with a bit of driftwood. Precious. By the end of the morning he was fully in and splashing like a champion.

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a couple comforts a crying baby at a beach photo session in oahu
mom holding baby in the air at kahana bay at sunrise
dad sneak tickles baby during a hawaii family photoshoot
mom reading a book to baby son on the beach in oahu
mom and baby play on the beach
family with a baby plays on an empty beach in hawaii
enjoying the best baby beach on oahu at mellow kahana
family taking photos on the beach
mom and baby play with sand toys
mom and baby snuggle on the beach

Shave ice for the win

The were excited for baby C to try his first shave ice so we made a special trip to Kailua for a cold treat at Island Snow. He was definitely a fan and by the way, natural syrups are the best! I recommend lychee or lilikoi for tropical goodness. Check out their shave ice mini film below.

Do you wish you could pause time?

Let me help you plan an easy, sweet morning where you can spend time together against a beautiful backdrop and make memories. I’ll help you hold onto this time with video and photos for you to treasure. Find out more about my film and photography sessions here.


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