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The Family Photographer Problem

As a fellow family photographer, Martha had a problem that is very close to my own heart. She had albums full of beautiful family photos – her kids changing over the years, major milestones and sweet moments captured. Only she wasn’t in any of them. When we talked, her husband sheepishly admitted to being a terrible photographer. As much as she preferred being behind the camera, she wanted to change that. A trip to Hawaii was the perfect opportunity for a fun family photo session.

She was also intrigued, but a bit apprehensive about a family film. As much as she loved them, she couldn’t decide if her family was a good fit. Was their family too chaotic? How would the kids react to the beach? Her youngest, Tenny, had never been in the ocean and she feared disaster. I advised them to do a trial beach run and we could adjust if needed.

In Between Thunderstorms

The week leading up to their session was filled with dramatic thunderstorms. Flash flood warnings pinged our phones hourly and clear blue waters turned a mucky brown with run-off. Our selected beach was fully underwater so I went on an emergency scouting trip. With relief I discovered that Lanikai Beach was still its beautiful, blue self. We needed a non-beach backup though because Tenny’s trial beach run was less than successful and entailed much screaming. His second trip was less dramatic, but he wouldn’t let his feet touch the ocean. We were hoping for a bit of magic on his third beach day.

After all the rain, the sunshine was a welcome sight. Tenny approached the water slowly where he discovered splashing was delightful. Splashes evolved into big jumps and eventually he was all in. Capturing his first time in the ocean – priceless. Rowan took to the water immediately. She was content to lounge in her float all day and had to be coaxed to leave for the park.

The Magic of Family Films

It was a lovely morning, but even more special was the response to their family film. It’s hard when your in the thick of parenting young children to see all the joy and love in your family. And that’s really my goal, I want to show you how your family loves. After seeing their film Martha said “you captured some moments that just won’t ever exist in that same way again. My kids look like they love and adore me. While her husband said “Ok, that was worth the whole trip!”

Watch their family film here:

And their photos …

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