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For the Love of Skateboarding

“My boys have a lot of energy”, Jessica told me in a slightly exasperated tone. We were brainstorming possible locations for their upcoming family photo session. “We love the beach, the park, skateboarding …” I couldn’t help but cut her off. “Skateboarding sounds like an amazing idea!” I squeaked in excitement.

My kids never fell in love with skateboarding much to my dismay because it’s so much fun to photograph. In fact, a family from the north shore tantalized me a few years back with the idea of photographing them at home where they had built their own well-loved skateboard ramp. Visions of gritty kids shredding made my heart flutter. I giddily began to storyboard and plan both the photos and video that I would capture to highlight the family’s connection to skateboarding. Sadly, they changed their minds last minute and opted for a beach session instead. I’m pretty sure that when I dragged my own kids to the local skate park.

So, yes, I latched onto the idea of skateboarding and when they told me their favorite spot was Yokohama – the end of the road on the leeward coast – it sounded like the perfect plan. We would start early with beach photos and when the boys tired of the sand, we would switch to skateboards.

big family hug at the beach during a photoshoot in leeward Oahu

A Ticking Clock

The air was still and hang heavy with humidity when I arrived at Yokohama Bay. I emerged from the car and stretched attempting to shake off the long drive. It promised to be a beautiful, but brutally hot morning.

Just as advertised, the boys tumbled from their car in a bundle of chaotic energy that made me smile. I knew I had to think fast to coral their energy and keep them engaged. They tackled the games I suggested with dizzying speed – playing each to the fullest before asking for more.

After an hour of intense play, we hit a serious energy dip. Alarm bells were going off for Jessica who from experience estimated we had about 10 minutes left before the boys crashed. We quickly shifted gears to snacks and skateboards, but the clock was ticking. Half-heartedly, they picked up their boards and maneuvered slowly down the empty road. Golden rays of light filtered through the mountain tops illuminated the road for a magical feel. I snapped away at a feverish pace knowing we had only minutes. And in a flash, the session was over and they were driving home for a much-needed nap.

boy walking to the waters edge with a big wave building in the distance in hawaii
toddler jumping into dads arms during a oahu family photography session
portrait of a boy lying in the sand
dad holding toddler son upside down during a beach photo session in hawaii
family running from the waves during a beach photoshoot leeward oahu
curly haired toddler running on the beach
dad and son at sunrise with mountains and sun behind them Yokohama Bay Photography
dad tickling son at the beach during a family portrait session
portrait of brothers at the beach
hawaii family portrait at the beach
boy wiping sand from his hands
mom sneaking up on son during a family photo session by little bird photography
mom and son on skateboards at sunrise in hawaii Yokohama Bay Photography
boy skateboarding in hawaii
curly haired toddler on a skateboard during a family photography session in oahu
by running on the road with mountains behind
shadow of a boy on a skateboard
mom and son skateboarding on the street in hawaii
toddler skateboarding on the street with mountains behind in hawaii
family skateboards during a photography session in Oahu by little bird photography

Does Your Family Have a Favorite Activity?

Does your family have a special place or activity that’s meaningful? As much as I would love for you to say skateboarding, anything that helps tell your story is equally rewarding. Contact me today so we can plan your own memory-making day.

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