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The Rugged Beauty of Hawaii

The weather was stunning. Fluffy clouds skated over the brilliant blue of the Pacific. Waves crashed dramatically on the rocky coast sending up mini rainbows in the sunshine. The weather was too good in fact. I circled around, searching for parking in a mild panic. The session was starting soon and there was no parking in sight. And then I saw it. As a stretch limo carried a bride and groom away, a parking spot big enough for two was left in its wake. Success.

Last year I photographed Calaigh’s friends when they made their annual pilgrimage to Oahu. Calaigh fell in love with the images so when they planned their own family trip to the islands, they had to have a session for themselves. They loved the dramatic, rugged beauty of Yokohama, but didn’t want to copy their friends. We set off to search for an equally amazing location and landed at Makapuu Beach Park.

About the Session

Little Brightyn yawned and stumbled from the car blinking in the bright sun. As she woke up, we slowly explored over lava rocks and through sand dunes making our way toward the cliffs and lighthouse. In the shadow of the cliffs, we played in the thundering surf until the last of the light faded.

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What Does Your Family Look Like in Paradise?

Grab your family and let’s explore the beauty of Oahu. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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