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There’s something special about bringing your children to the place you were born. To a place where you learned to read waves before words. To a place where salt and sand are infused into everyday life. You can move away, but Hawaii will never leave you.

Although they weren’t born in Hawaii, annual trips to visit family and the ocean are making an impact on the boys. They long to race on the beach and uncover crabs in their holes. They take the unrelenting waves head on, fearless.

So it was no surprise the that boys pined for the water as soon as we stepped foot on Waimanalo Beach. I stalled them briefly to climb trees and play games in the golden light of the forest before they became too restless and off they raced to the ocean. The real upside of being a parent in my opinion is that you’re given full license to act like a kid yourself. And these two parents took full advantage, racing the kids to the water and splashing with abandon. All five of them wore matching grins as they body surfed and jumped in the clean, crisp waves. Stunning clouds formed overhead as if to punctuate how special the evening was. I look forward to next year.

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