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There’s Something About Hawaii

family walking on the beach in koolina at sunrise by Family Photographers on Oahu

It’s such a delight to photograph families on vacation. Everyone is relaxed, happy and ready for a bit of adventure. I get to show them some of my favorite places and seeing their joy makes me fall in love with Hawaii all over again. One thing that surprised me when I became a photographer was the number of people who visit the islands regularly. Some make it a habit to fly to Hawaii every two or three years. For others it’s a cherished annual tradition and then there are those who visit so often they decide to invest in a vacation home here. These returning families always seem to have the most fun at our photo sessions.

It makes sense. Something about Hawaii – the sparking ocean, the warm sunshine, the plumeria scented tradewinds – fills their hearts and keeps drawing them back. They know enough to be comfortable navigating the islands and visiting favorite beaches and restaurants, yet there’s still space to discover new delights. Hawaii is their happy place.

About the Session

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Michelle in their family’s happy place since 2016 when they had three children under three-years-old. I remember a teething baby, a toddler nervous about the waves and a few tears. As they’ve grown, the kids have developed an intense love of the ocean and their faces light up when we hit the beach. Even their newest addition is a natural born water baby.

This year, we were finally able to make it to Paradise Cove Beach in Koolina. We attempted a visit for our last session but a critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal had birthed a pup on the beach and it was closed for their protection. In a last-minute scramble we made our way to nearby Secret Beach by the Four Seasons. No seals surprised us this year and we were able to play and make memories at an empty beach.

siblings playing on the beach in hawaii during a family photoshoot at koolina
family playing on the beach at paradise cove lagoon oahu
brothers playing on the beach at paradise cove koolina for family photos
family hug during a hawaii family reunion photo session
family photshoot in hawaii
baby enjoying her first day at the beach
fun family portraits in Hawaii at koolina lagoon
laughing mom and daughter portrait at the beach in hawaii
dad and baby at the beach in hawaii
sisters during a hawaii beach photoshoot
portrait of mom and her four children during a koolina photo session
family laughing on the beach in hawaii
baby eating sand at the beach during a portrait session in oahu
family playing in the blue water of koolina lagoon oahu
family playing at paradise cove oahu for family photos
boy floating in an intertube
kids enjoying the beach at koolina
siblings splashing in the shallows at koolina lagoon during photo session at the beach
family portrait in the water in koolina oahu
siblings play in the warm hawaii lagoon at koolina
mom cuddles kids in the water after a long morning at the beach

Is Hawaii Your Special Place?

If clear blue water and golden sunshine makes you happy let’s schedule a family photo session at the beach. We can start of with some silly games and then I’ll turn you loose to play and love against the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii. Find out more about my fun family photography here.

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