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This family works hard and plays harder. They recently welcomed a baby girl into their lives and decided they were long overdue for family photos. Picking a location was easy. We decided on Waimanalo Beach Park, one of their all-time favorite beaches. Luck had us scheduled for the single morning of sunshine and blue skies sandwiched between long stretches of rain. The kids hadn’t been to the beach in weeks and were excited to stretch their legs.

The kid are close in age and remind me of my own children – best buddies that you can barely keep apart even when they’re annoying each other. They spent the morning taunting and chasing each other, only taking breaks to dote on their baby sister. And then they could handle it no longer. It was time to get in the water. They came fully prepared with boards and beach toys and plans to spend a long day soaking in the sun. Welcome to the beach.

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Are you beach people? Is sand embedded into every crevice of your car? Do you have salt water stains on your seat belt?

If so, i’ll let you in on a little secret. Beach people know how to fun. So let’s do it. Let’s pick up a board, a shovel, a snorkel mask and head out to spend a morning under the warm sun getting salty. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.


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