Waikiki Photographer | A Special Morning at Ala Moana Beach Park

A New Era

The trip to Hawaii was meant as a celebration. A way to mark a new era after years of hardship and deployment. This was their time and Trish wanted to highlight the occasion with an informal exchange of vows on the beach. No guests. No minister. Just an intimate sharing of words when the time felt right. She asked me to capture their morning together in a casual, unobtrusive way.

family silhouette with diamond head and waikiki in the background

Avoiding the Crowds in Waikiki

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the location. They were staying in Waikiki at the newly renovated Hale Koa Resort and wanted to stay nearby. I normally avoid Waikiki in favor of uncrowded, natural spaces around the island. However, they wanted their time in Hawaii to be as low-key and relaxed as possible so they didn’t want to rent a car. I can’t blame them as traffic and parking can be a nightmare around the city.

At the same time, they weren’t crazy about crowds. Trish, like many of my clients, described herself and her husband as awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Me too, guys. Me too.

Now, this posed a bit of a dilemma because how can you stay close to Waikiki and avoid other people? I brainstormed a few options and they settled on Magic Island which sits at the tip of Ala Moana Beach Park. We would take in the lovely views of Diamond Head and Waikiki as the sun came up.

About the Session

Magic Island is a bustling scene at sunrise. As we walked out to the beach, we passed runners, joggers, and power-walkers. We past people on all manner of wheels from rollerblades to one-wheels and on the grassy lawn were scattered tai chi and stroller fitness classes. There’s a lot of fitness happening out there. Even the water was busy with swimmers, surfers, and a group practicing yoga on oversized paddleboards. It wasn’t exactly a quiet, intimate setting.

Any apprehension they felt quickly faded in the wake of their daughter’s vibrant energy. She glowed with happiness and silliness as she bounced from one parent to the next sharing her enthusiasm and love of life. All the people faded into the background and they were able to focus on their love for each other. It ended up being the beautiful, low-key morning the hoped for.

mom hugs daughter at ala moana beach park in waikiki
silhouettes in the sand at magic island
girl tickles her dad during a waikiki photo session
girl yells at the trees
mom and daughter play at magic island in waikiki
joyful girl during family portrait session in waikiki
10th-anniversary celebration in hawaii
closeup of girl hugging her parents by waikiki photographer little bird
a mini waikiki photographer captures her parents as they exchange vows
mini waikiki photographer
family portrait
girl draws a heart in the sand in waikiki beach
couple hugs during a 10th anniversary celebration in hawaii
dad and daughter play flight during a fun family photography session in hawaii
girl and her dad play at magic island in waikiki
family portrait by oahu family photographer
girl does handstands by a banyan tree is waikiki
family splashes at magic island beach outside waikiki

Need a Waikiki Photographer for Your Family Vacation?

Let’s head out for a morning adventure! Find out more about my fun family photo sessions here.

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