Waikiki Family Photography | Sunset in the Shallows

Escaping the Hustle of Waikiki

Waikiki family photography can make me a bit anxious. There are just so many people. Revelers dot the sand along the entire length of the beach lounging, playing volleyball, and people watching. I like to have space so my families can roam freely and explore in a peaceful part of the island. As a result, I often seek out secluded nooks. Something off the beaten path they may not have considered on their own.

However, that’s not practical for all visitors. Some prefer to maximize their relaxation by avoiding driving altogether. As someone who sits in Oahu traffic regularly, I fully understand and applaud their dedication. Road rage has no place on vacation and Oahu is frustrating place to drive. In these situations, I encourage clients to escape Waikiki with a 15-minute taxi ride to Waialae Beach Park.

A Peaceful Toddler Session

Toddler sessions are some of my favorites. They are naturally inquisitive and it’s a joy to watch them observe and take in the world around them. Most toddler sessions are high energy jam-packed with chasing, tickling, splashing, tossing, and go-go-go!

This family was visiting from Japan and the little boy spoke no English. He was shy at first, but quickly immersed himself in the business of beach play.

This session was peaceful and loving matching the quiet golden beach scene around us. I provided some gentle direction to guide them into the beautiful light and watched as moments of love naturally unfolded

family playing in the sand during a photo session by little bird photography
family with a toddler playing on the beach in waikiki oahu
boy walking along a fallen log at the beach in hawaii
mom and son share a laugh on waikiki beach during a photoshoot
big ocean landscape at waialae beach
shared family hug during a photo session by little bird photography
boy looking a shells on a beach in hawaii
golden reflections on water of mom and son playing on the beach during a photo session in oahu
dad and son playing on the beach in hawaii with mountain ridge in the background
boy and mom snuggling during a beach photo session at Kahala Beach in Waikiki
family plays on the beach in hawaii
boy and mom snuggling during a beach photo session in waikiki
boys hand about to grab his toy ca on the beach in hawaii
Waikiki Family Photography at Waialae Beach park
a couple hugs at sunset while son plays in the foreground in waikiki

Want to Book a Family Photo Session but You’re Stuck in Waikiki?

I know a few spots where we can escape the crowds and breathe a little easier. With just a short taxi ride, we can splash by the shore with a sunrise all to ourselves or head to a lush park to explore. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.


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