Sunrise Photo Session | Energy and Light at Laie Beach Park

A Sunrise Photo Session at a Favorite Location

As I wound my way up the windward coast, I could tell it was going to be spectacular. Although it was a full half-hour until sunrise, the horizon was already glowing a deep red-orange. I don’t like driving. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I h ate driving. Oh, but that coastal road that winds through sleepy neighborhoods with intermittent glimpses of the ocean is a different story. It’s like a sneak peek of the coming attraction and it’s just lovely.

A northwest swell was creating the first wave action the coast had seen in weeks. Salt spray hovered at the edges of the shoreline because the wind was too lazy to whisk it away. It was a beautiful morning for photos, but it was going to be hot. As I pulled into the empty parking lot, a resounding boom filled the space. Welcome to Pounders Beach in Laie.

About the Session

At nine and seven-years-old, the boys are at wonderful ages for a photo session. They’re equal parts curious, mischievous, and snuggly, but the latter was on the decline. They’re approaching that border of adolescence. In a few short years, mom and dad will be (gently) pushed aside as they seek their independence. I made sure to capture every snuggle and every handhold I could because those moments will become priceless.

Of course, the boys didn’t know any of this. They simply enjoyed a morning at the beach with their family. It was full of tree swings and wave jumping and left them with beautiful memories of Hawaii.

family walking at laie beach at sunrise
mom hugging her son on the beach during a family photo session
sunrise photo session for a family in hawaii
little boy hugging his mom during a family beach photoshoot
mom and son sitting on a tree with reflections in the clear water during a hawaii family photo session
portrait of a boy at laie beach park
mom sharing a laugh with her two sons
mom pushing her son on a tree swing in hawaii during a family photography session
mom kisses her son as he plays on a tree swing in hawaii
brothers running on the beach in hawaii
mom and son playing in the surf in oahu at laie beach park during a photo session
mom chasing son on the beach
boy plays in the surf in hawaii
boy playing in the surf at laie beach park oahu by little bird photography
couple cuddles with waves splashing against cliffs in the background at pounders beach in laie

Photos are the Best Kind of Souvenir

Make the most of your family vacation. I’ll match you with a great location where you can play, explore, and make memories under the tropical sun. You’ll take home beautiful images so you can surround yourself with warm memories all year long. Find out more about my family adventure photography sessions here.

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