Sunrise Family Portraits on Oahu | A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember

The twins were celebrating their eighth birthday. It was one of many reasons for their trip to Hawaii. They would start with photos at sunrise and then head deep into Kualoa Valley to fly down ziplines with Jurassic Park vistas. You can almost feel the dinosaurs hiding behind the trees or about to crest a distant hill. The kids were excited and full of energy about the day’s plans, but first photos. It had been a difficult year and Lillian wanted to start the day with a short photo session to pause for moments of reflection and connection. It was a way to celebrate life.

Morning at Kuoaloa Beach Park

They made the long drive from Aulani Resort in Koolina to play under the verdant Kualoa mountain range. Kualoa means “long, large back”. A reference to the mountain’s resemblance to the back of a giant lizard. Legend has it that Hi’iaka, sister to Pele the fire goddess, was chased by this large lizard or mo’o as she passed through the area one day. She killed him in a great battle, chopped off his tail, and threw it into the ocean where it is still seen today as Mokoli’i Island or Chinaman’s Hat.

Mokoli’i Island was immediately evident as we entered Kualoa Regional Park. A layer of fluffy clouds stubbornly surrounded the island. No wind stirred to move them creating a soft, contemplative mood. The mood was quickly disrupted by fits of laughter, as you should expect from any good family photo session. After all, eight is an age for making crazy faces and telling bad jokes. It’s the age you perfect the art of the eye roll in the face of all those bad jokes. Fortunately, it’s not all silliness and wild energy. There are still hugs and cuddles in abundance.

family watching the sun rise over the beach during Sunrise Family Portraits on Oahu
mom and daughter hug at sunrise in oahu during a beach photoshoot by little bird photography
mom and daughter portrait at sunrise with mountains behind at kualoa beach in oahu
portrait of a boy laughing
a couple snuggles at sunrise with chinaman's hat behind
portrait of a girl at sunrise at kualoa park in oahu
twin siblings play along the shore at sunrise during a hawaii family photo session
daughter hugging her dad during a family photo session in hawaii
family playing along the shore at kualoa regional park in oahu
mom and twins sharing a laugh during a family photoshoot at kualoa beach
family portrait with mountains behind at kualoa park
portrait of a mom and son being silly during a beach photo session

Do You Have a Big Reason to Celebrate?

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