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Dangerous Marine Life Spotted

My go-to spot for photo sessions in the Koolina area is Paradise Cove. However, on this particular morning, the public parking lot was roped off with a curious sign that read “Dangerous marine life spotted in this area.” Dangerous marine life? My mind reeled. What on earth could it be? Visions of sea snakes, toothy eels, and hungry fish raced through my mind. None of it made sense. In fact, I’ve only heard of beaches closing after a shark attack or maybe a heavy jellyfish inundation. Neither of which were plausible at paradise cove. I had a feeling what this dangerous sea creature might be, but I had to know for sure.

Fortunately, I was early for my session. I found alternate parking and ran back to the cove to investigate. As the familiar path opened to reveal the beach it was just as I suspected, the dangerous creature in question was sunning herself in a lazy heap on the sand. She stretched and rolled slightly revealing a small bundle of fuzz beneath. It was an endangered Hawaiian monk seal and her newborn pup. Not exactly scary, but a special and delicate event. I walked over to talk to the seal team who beamed with pride. This pup was the first born in Koolina in over 20 years. These volunteers make daily forays around the island to locate and protect endangered monk seals in need of a rest.

Not So Secret Beach

The new life around us felt like a fitting backdrop for a maternity photoshoot. We quickly changed plans and met at nearby Secret Beach. Of course, Secret Beach isn’t really a secret. How could it be when it’s surrounded by towering resorts and well, nothing can hide from the internet. Ahem. But it’s small and wild and tucked out of the way making it feel special and lovely. It was an ideal spot to meet up with one of my favorite families. Each time we meet they exude patience, curiosity, and humor. They are unphased by toddler meltdowns, mosquitoes, or anything the day throws at them. They simply laugh and hold on to each other a little bit tighter. I always leave their sessions feeling the world is a bit brighter.

secret beach koolina family photographer
maternity portrait at secret beach koolina oahu
family portraits at secret beach in oahu hawaii
boy holding a crab during a photoshoot in hawaii
dad and son share a laugh during a family photo session by little bird photography + films
family portrait at secret beach on oahu
maternity portraits at secret beach in koolina oahu

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