Paradise Cove Beach Portraits | A Morning of Fun + Exploration

Family Portraits with a Mellow Vibe

“We love the beach, but we don’t really want beach portraits. I mean, we don’t want to stand around on the beach and smile.” I fully understand that sentiment. In fact, I want to hug people who tell me this. You can feel the wave of relief when the anxiety and expectation of what a family photo should be, washes away and you focus on family and fun.

When I was just starting out I would often photograph beach-loving families at the beach. Kids and parents alike were visibly distraught because although they were at the beach – a place they loved – they weren’t allowed to enjoy it. So I started to push back in favor of fun.

Over time, my water-loving families have been spending more of their session embracing fun and actually enjoying the water. I even bought a water housing for my camera so I can jump in along with them and document all the fun with a uniquely beautiful perspective.

Why Paradise Cove Beach Portraits

Paradise Cove is a sweet little beach that’s ideal for families. Mornings start slowly here with chattering birds guiding you down the narrow beach path. The sun takes it time. Much of the cove in shadow and you can feel cool sand beneath your feet. You might watch the waves and sip a coffee or collect tiny seashells. As you start to feel more awake, the sun hits the water in the cove lighting it a brilliant turquoise. Wavelets lap the shore inviting you for a refreshing dip.

If you’re curious, you can find unexpected delights. Maybe something large like a seal or sea turtle, but look closely and you can uncover more. The twins were keen explorers and on this quietly beautiful morning we discovered hermit crabs, a spotted eel, a puffer fish and even a tiny flounder.

We spent a quietly happy morning capturing all the joys of childhood and family life in a spectacular setting.

big family hug during a family portrait session at paradise cove beach in oahu
dad and daughter holding hands
family portrait session at koolina lagoon
kids exploring tide pools in koolina during family photoshoot
boy with a hermit crab in hawaii
family portrait session at paradise cove beach
twin siblings sharing a laugh during a portrait session in oahu
portrait of a boy taken from the water at koolina lagoon during a hawaii family photo session
girl jumping with an intertube at koolina lagoon oahu during a family photo session
twin siblings explore tide pools in hawaii during a family photography session by little bird photography
underwater portrait of a girl floating on an intertube in paradise cove
kids running through the water while parents look on during family photoshoot in hawaii
hermit crab on a boys hand
boy searching the tide pools at koolina as seen from the water
girl playing on a rainbow intertube at koolina lagoon
boy fishing at paradise cove beach during a family portrait session

Want Beautiful Family Portraits Without the Pain?

Let’s keep it simple and fun and plan a morning that you will actually enjoy. I’ll match you to a spot that fits your family’s vibe and you can have fun together while I capture your memories. Find out more about my fun family portrait sessions here.

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