Oahu Photos | Exploring the Tide Pools at Ko olina Lagoons

Oahu Photos in the Rain

The resorts at Ko Olina were created around the coast’s penchant for sunshine and warm ocean breezes. As a result, the mellow lagoons were branded as a second Waikiki where sun lovers could catch rays all day against the deep blue of the Pacific. But every once in awhile, rain finds its way to Ko Olina.

About the Session

A light drizzle and a hint of pink colored the sky as we walked to the beach at Paradise Cove. Overhead, a stubborn cloud seemed to have settled over the entire island and was unwilling to budge. Even so, it was a pleasant morning. A polite mist dappled our eyelashes and Mynah birds bickered in the trees as we started to explore. Ayla clung shyly to her dad while baby Kolter’s mouth gaped in a wide yawn. The beach was peaceful and empty.

The weather had a calming effect. Thick clouds seemed to muffle all sound which made everything feel slow and peaceful. Kolter braved the water first. He began by dipping his chubby toes in the water and was drawn in further by the flash of fish and crabs. The kids scrambled over slick rocks sharing delighted giggles as they uncovered new treasure. A hermit crab. A sea cucumber. A wide-eyed goby peering from a hole.

We explored until the rain became more persistent and drove us indoors in search of warmth and coffee. It turns out that Oahu photos are lovely, even in the rain. What a beautiful way to start the day.

mom and son explore tidepools during a fun family photo shoot by little bird photography in hawaii
engagement photographer captures a couple at ko olina beach in oahu
little girl laughs during a family portrait session at a beach in hawaii
oahu photos captured mother and son at a sunrise family photo shoot in hawaii
mom and daughter at a quiet lagoon in ko olina hawaii
grabbing mom for a big hug
siblings explore tidepools in koolina oahu during family photography session
mom and daughter share a laugh during family photoshoot by little bird photography in hawaii
girl being silly during a family photo session
fun family photography session at ko olina beach in oahu
mom holding onto little boy's hands as they play in the water in hawaii
quiet moment between mom and daughter at a hawaii beach

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